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Our Story

On one sunny day in 2017, we reflected on  how can we help move the planet forward and join the movement to “End Hunger”.  We finally landed on a decision to bring ancient super grains back to the forefront. Not just because they are nutrient packed but also because this will assist to eliminate hunger in the regions of the world where ancient super grains are grown.

Taking into account that ancient super grains are vintage, we developed our instant fonio cereal with the intent to maintain its vintage taste while being a clean, healthy and tasty food alternative!

It has been a classic entrepreneur story but we won’t have it any other way! Email us to learn more



We believe in the power of ancient super grains and its nutritional health value. We are dedicated to delivering ancient super grains in its purest form yet tasty as a breakfast alternative!



It is our vision to invest in agriculture to increase productivity and sustainable food production systems that are crucial in alleviating the perils of hunger in Africa and around the world!